Journal Concept


Living Reviews
in European Governance
ISSN: 1813-856X
This journal is provided as a free service to the academic community.

The Electronic Design

To facilitate online reading and browsing, Living Reviews in European Governance provides a well integrated hypertext viewing environment: pop-up windows give instant access to earlier tables or graphs, to footnotes and to the reference list, special buttons enable citation tracking within the article. The reference list will be provided for download in either BibTeX or Endnote formats.
Authors are encouraged to include an unlimited number of figures, data, and graphs in their articles and to create active links to other electronic resources. Print versions of each article will be provided in the pdf format.

All articles appearing in Living Reviews, and all references appearing in those articles, will be collated into an online searchable reference database. Queries to the database will return active links to cited materials available on the web. Through this, LREG provides a comprehensive way for its users to become aware of and, where possible, to directly access the most important research in the field, even without going through any specific review article.

LREG users are expected to be drawn from the entire community of scholars of European Integration and other related scientific communities. Graduate students can use the journal to start their initial literature surveys or to learn about fields peripheral to their own; researchers can use it to quickly find out about the most recent and current results in fields in which they are not up-to-date, to track down bibliographic references that they have not recorded, or even to find areas in which their own skills can be applied in a new field; and lecturers can use it to find information and visual materials that can be used in presentations at all levels.