Journal Concept


Living Reviews
in European Governance
ISSN: 1813-856X
This journal is provided as a free service to the academic community.

Publication Details

The journal is organized into yearly volumes. Articles appear throughout the year, as they are ready for publication. The journal carries no page charges for authors and no subscription fees for users. Current plans are to ensure that LREG remains a freely available publication throughout its existence.

The journal is not distributed on paper in the traditional way. In general, users access and use LREG on its home website. Individual articles can be downloaded in a format suitable for printing or in a self-contained set of HTML pages for off-line reading.

As a free service, LREG maintains a subscription list. This mailing list will be used to notify journal users when a new article has been published and will also provide the article's abstract. In addition, information about general changes and other matters pertaining to LREG is emailed to subscribers. Users will not need to subscribe to the LREG mailing list in order to view the articles in the journal; joining the list, however, will be a convenient way for users to stay informed about what is happening in Living Reviews in European Governance.