Journal Concept


Living Reviews
in European Governance
ISSN: 1813-856X
This journal is provided as a free service to the academic community.


The key feature of Living Reviews in general and LREG in particular is the concept of a living article. This means that LREG will take advantage of the ease of editing electronic material to keep articles up-to-date.

Because LREG offers immediate online access to all its articles and to any online materials cited in those articles, it recognizes that it is essential that all articles and all links stay current.
will stay current in the following ways:

  • First, and most importantly, authors will substantially revise articles as important new research developments occur. These article updates are either treated as new publications, subjected to refereeing, and published with a new publication number ("Major Updates"), or, in case of short addenda of current research results and trends ("Minor Revisions"), are added directly to the original article.
  • Second, all electronic links made in articles and in the journal at large to online resources will be actively maintained. They will be automatically checked frequently and updated as needed.