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Living Rev. Euro. Gov. 7 (2012), 1

Europeanization beyond Europe

1 ETH Zurich, Center for Comparative and International Studies, Haldeneggsteig 4, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland

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This article reviews the literature on Europeanization beyond the group of EU member, "quasi-member" and applicant states. It uses the analysis of Europeanization in applicant states as a theoretical starting point to ask if, how and under which conditions we can expect domestic effects of European integration beyond Europe. Focusing on Europeanization effects in the areas of regionalism, democracy and human rights, and the literature on the European Neighborhood Policy in particular, the article collects findings on the strategies and instruments as well as the impact and effectiveness of the EU. The general conclusion to be drawn from the theoretical and empirical literature reviewed is one of low consistency and impact.

Keywords: Europeanization, security/external, policy diffusion, democratization

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ORIGINAL http://europeangovernance-livingreviews.org/Articles/lreg-2007-1
Title Europeanization beyond Europe
Author Frank Schimmelfennig
Date accepted 3 July 2007, published 31 July 2007
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Title Europeanization beyond Europe
Author Frank Schimmelfennig
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Changes All Sections have been significantly extended and Table 1 was updated. A new Section 6 about the European Neighborhood policy and democracy promotion was implemented. The list of references has been updated and 35 references have been added.
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Title Europeanization beyond Europe
Author Frank Schimmelfennig
Date accepted 16 January 2012, published 25 January 2012
Changes All sections have been substantially revised and updated. 25 references have been added.

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